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Frame Tent Rentals

Rent a frame tent for your Delaware County, Chester County or Montgomery
County event!

Are you holding a special event outside but are unsure of the weather? Rent a frame tent from Classic Event Rentals! Frame tents are held up by a frame consisting of aluminum poles. They are free-standing, so they require less ropes and stakes. This also means they do not need additional space around the tent. Unlike pole tents that require said space, frame tents can be placed right up against any type of structure and can be utilized on cement foundations. Frame tents do not require a central pole, so the floor space underneath a frame tent is completely open.

Frame tents are also ideal to rent because:

  • They can be set up on any type of surface
  • The aluminum poles can be hidden by fabric or decorations
  • They provide more event space

If you are considering renting a frame tent for your special event, please contact us at 610-476-3812 today!

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