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Event Equipment for Delaware County, Chester County and Montgomery County

Properly planned parties are never one-size-fits-all, so you may not realize just how much equipment goes into making a great event. Looking through our Delaware County, Chester Countyand Montgomery County event rental catalog, you may be impressed by the aesthetic variety and design diversity found in our selection. The size and scope of your party can dictate how much equipment you may need and how many rentals you need to schedule. Also, the desired feel and atmosphere of your party may also dictate your rental selections.

Whether your event is for 10 or 200 people, it’s important that all of your attendees feel comfortable and at ease during your party. We can work directly with you and advise you of your options every step of the way. We have assisted numerous Delaware County, Chester County and Montgomery County residents with a wide variety of events and we continue to establish our proven track record of timeliness, reliability, customer services and quality.

As a trusted Delaware County and Chester County company, we offer the following event items:

  • Tents: Our rental tents can keep all your attendees covered throughout your event, as well as add to the overall ambiance and atmosphere. We offer a variety of different tents to fit your particular taste.
  • Tables and Chairs: Your attendees always need places to sit. We can help you find the perfect chairs that not only provide the comfort your guests need, but also helps achieve the look and feel you want for your party.
  • Pole Tents: Pole tents are extremely easy to transport. They have become an ideal choice for those who have need of a party tent or festival tents. Pole tents come in a variety of sizes to fit your space.
  • Frame Tents: Want a tent that doesn’t utilize poles? Frame tents are a great option! They do not require space around the tent area for poles and ropes, and can be used on any type of surface.
  • Canopy Tents: Small and portable, canopy tents are great for a variety of situations. Our friendly and helpful team can help you select the perfect tent that can serve both functional and aesthetic purposes.
  • Tent Lighting: Illuminate your tents and turn your venue into a brilliant outdoor atmosphere. We can provide tent lighting that sets the mood and ambiance for any formal party. Guests can be delighted to see this additional decorative touch.
  • Covers and Linens: At Classic Event Rentals, we not only provide equipment for your party, but can also provide the covers and linens for your tables and chairs, as well. Covers and linens can make a big impact on the party’s overall feel.

Call us at 610-476-3812 to find out just how our catalogue can help make your party as memorable as you want it to be!

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