About Classic Event Rentals

Your Solution from a Simple Party to a Formal Event

Whether you’re throwing a basic birthday party, or planning a formal awards dinner, our experienced team of party rental professionals at Classic Event Rentals can help you throw a memorable party. Choosing the right Delaware County and Chester County party rental company can impact your guests’ impressions, influence your personal memories, and leave a positive impression for years to come. From small parties to large events, we can offer you a variety of high-performance products and events that are both affordable, elegant, and thematically matched to your party. At Classic Event Rentals, we believe you should never have to choose between your wallet and the quality of your party.

Success through Service

At Classic Event Rentals, we pride ourselves in utilizing exceptionally clean and well-kept equipment. The most important aspect of choosing Classic Event Rentals as your Delaware County and Chester County event rental source is the excellent customer service we provide. When situations arise that would normally stress you out if you were planning the party yourself, we pledge to always display grace under pressure. We understand if a party rental company can’t adapt to a changing situation, they’re probably not the right party rental company for you.

We promise to always display the qualities that can take your event from good to great, such as:

  • High-Level Organization
  • Great Listening Ability
  • Powerful Adaptability
  • Strong Attention to Detail

Being well prepared and expertly organized is essential to the success of any event; however at Classic Event Rentals, we know that’s not all that should be a part of our vocabulary. We can be the most organized event planners in the land, but if we neglect basic customer service, we may not only create unhappy clients, but we can also tarnish our reputation.

Our entire line of services is designed to benefit both your event and your memories. Please contact us today at 610-476-3812 for a free consultation.

Why Hire Us?

  • Creative Solutions for Elegant Gatherings
  • Prompt and Personable Service
  • Clean and High-Quality Products
  • Customer Satisfaction is Our Priority