• We rent generators

    Need a generator for your next party, power outage, or construction project? Classic Event Rentals has you covered. We have two generators in stock and ready for use. Daily or weekly rental rates available. Delivery and pickup is also available for an additional fee.

  • Heated Tents

    Need a heated tent for the fall? Just add a heater and sidewalls to any of our tents. We have propane tent heaters to make any tent warm and toasty on those cold fall nights.

  • FAQ’s

    How many tables fit under a 20×20 tent?

    Answer: 6 60″ round tables or 8 8′ banquet tables

    How many people can fit per table?

    Answer: 8 fit per table for both 60″ round tables and 8′ tables

    How many tables and chairs can fit under a 20×20 tent?

    Answer: 6 8′ tables and 48 chairs or 5 60″ round tables and 40 chairs

    How many tables fit under a 20×30 tent?

    Answer: 8 8′ tables or 6 60″ round tables. (64 chairs with banquet tables and 48 chairs with round tables)

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